Hand-written text on a board signifies demand for project managers

Project management is already an in-demand profession, with organizations worldwide seeing the benefits of employing project managers.

That need is expected to increase immensely within the next decade, leading to a major talent gap and creating incredible opportunities for new project managers to enter the field.

Growth Expected in Project Management

The Project Management Institute’s fourth Talent Gap report, an assessment of project management employment trends – with analysis by Anderson Economic Group – shows that the global economy will need 25 million new project professionals by the year 2030.

25 million!

PMI, which offers the most-recognized PM certification — the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification — identifies the positional need for “project management-oriented employment (PMOE),” which includes project managers and similar project professionals.

PMI suggests three primary reasons for the talent gap and the rising demand for project managers, including:

  • Increased need for project management-related jobs within organizations worldwide
  • Increased demand for project professionals in emerging and developing countries, in particular
  • Projected retirement rates for the workforce, in general

In short, organizations are rapidly realizing the incredible value project managers and project-oriented professionals bring to the table.

Value of Project Managers

Project managers can save companies a lot of money, bring about change in a faster and more-organized manner, and help organizations large and small evolve in new and exciting ways.

The talent gap identified by the Project Management Institute’s report represents an incredible opportunity for those thinking about entering the project management field, or other project-oriented fields, in the coming years.

PMI projects that roughly 2.3 million individuals will need to enter the project management-oriented employment field each year, just to keep up with demand and begin closing the talent gap by 2030. The influx is sure to bring about change in an ever-evolving profession, creating new competition, fresh ideas and unique viewpoints that can help lead to new and better methods for delivering successful projects.

Bottom line: it’s an exciting time to be a project manager!

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