What is Project Management All About?

You’ll find varying descriptions for the role of the Project Manager, but at its core, Project Management is about people. You’ll have opportunities to engage with individuals from a wide cross-section of backgrounds and abilities, making Project Management a rewarding field for anyone who enjoys working with others.

Project Management is people-focused

Ongoing engagement with stakeholders can mean many different contact points, including your supervisors, your clients, your project team and external resources, such as vendors. If you’re a people person, Project Management could be the profession for you!

Organization is essential in Project Management
It helps if you’re already an organized person, because successful Project Management requires you to stay on top of data, schedules, calendars and workloads. But even if you’re not as organized as you would like to be, you can learn to use project tools and templates that will help you become a successful Project Manager.
Leadership is required in Project Management
Learning to lead is an essential skill in management roles, and Project Management is no different. You’ll be leading individuals and project teams, helping put people in positions to succeed and meet their goals. More on leadership.

Communication is Key

Like many careers and many aspects of life, successful Project Management comes down to communication. You must be able to listen actively, speak confidently, write clearly and concisely and communicate effectively through a variety of mediums. Communication is such an important aspect of Project Management that we’ve dedicated an entire section of this website to it.

Is Project Management Right for Me?

Not sure whether you’re ready to make the leap into a Project Management career? It’s a good idea to ask yourself whether the role and its requirements are right for you, keeping in mind that Project Managers in different industries and different companies might have very different day-to-day duties and realities. Here are some reasons you might consider going into Project Management:


You are a strong leader


You are organized


You are self-driven and focused


You are a great communicator


You have technical experience


You are a good decision-maker

The “P” in PM is as much about "people" management as it is about "project" management.

-Cornelius Fichtner

Operations keep the lights on, strategy provides the light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.

-Joy Gumz

Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan.

-K. Tate

Questions About Project Management


What type of training do I need?

Take courses and study to obtain a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from The Project Management Institute. This will tell employers and clients that you’re serious and qualified. Check out our PMP Exam Study Guide for more.

How much technical experience do I need?

At least some technical experience is key to being an effective project manager. For example, if you’re going to manage software teams, you should at least have an understanding of Agile software development practices.

How do I become a better communicator?

Communication is essential in Project Management, and like many other skills, it can be honed and developed with time and effort. Check out our communication section for more.


What if I'm not very organized?

Organization and time management are crucial skills for any Project Manager. You can improve at both through practice and study. We’ve put together some tips to help you along.

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